Bursting disc

Rupture disc is a passive system which means that it can stand for several years without maintenance but reacts in milliseconds if the pressure is exceeded. In this way, equipment is effectively protected and can prevent personal injury

We have been working deeply with our supplier REMBE for more than 30 years. REMBE is one of the leading Rupture disc manufacturers in the world with manufacturing in Brilon- Germany. The discs are divided in two branches, Process and Dust explosion

Process disc, The process disc are available in a variety of designs. The disc can be made of several layers with different material combinations. For installation between EN or ANSI flanges and Tri-clamp for sterile applications.

Dust explosions, REMBE manufactures panels that are mounted directly on filters, silos or other equipment to be protected in the event of a dust explosion. Q-Box® and Q-Rohr® are used when the equipment is indoors, no flame goes through these systems. Q-Flap RX™ and EXKOP® prevent the spread of both fire and explosions to nearby equipment.

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